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Slitting is to slit materials such as plastic film, metal foil, as requested width, length of roll or sheet. Usually if the width is under 5mm, we call it micro-slit.
Silt processing and micro slit processingof various films, nonwovens, and papers are available. If you need helps, please feel free to contact us.

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Exmples of our products

Slit processing
Slit processing
Slited products packing
Slited products packing
Micro slit processing
Micro slit processing

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Product, Service

Processing Service

  • ■ Slit Processing (Paper, Film, Nonwoven)
  • ■ Micro Slit Processing
  • ■ Clean Room
  • ■ Contract Outsourced Processing
  • ■ Deposit Processing (Issue Certification)
  • ■ Punching Cutting Processing
  • ■ Trial Manufacture Processing
  • ■ Shrink Packing Agent
  • ■ Assembly Contract
  • ■ Inspection Contract