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Electromagnetic shield
Electromagnetic shield

Heat dissipation sheet (thermal conducting sheet) can conduct a large amount of heat which is occurred by LSI, such as TV, notebook PC, mobile equipment to heat sink for preventing high temperature of LSI and peripheral components.
The materials are usually resins such as silicone, acryl and poriofiren, mixed with metal filler to improve thermal conductivity.

Exmples of our products

Heat dissipation sheet
Heat dissipation sheet
ALPET film
ALPET film
Thermal conducting sheet
Thermal conducting sheet

Because usually the metal foil production lot of manufacturer is very big, it is difficult to purchase the small lot of metal foil for evaluation , research and development use.
However, we sell metal foil by meters.
For purchasing, quotation and grade confirming, please contact us wiht following.

Exmples of our products

copper foil
Electrolytic copper foil 20μm、Rolled copper foil 8μm,20μm
aluminum foil
Aluminum foil 10μm,25μm
polyimide film
Small lot sales of polyimide film

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