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Neo-Freon film
Neo-Freon film

We sell FLUORORESIN FILM (neo-freon film, width is 1,150mm~1,250mm) which is DAIKIN INDUSTRIES,LTD's product by meters (Usually FLUORORESIN FILM are selled by roll). We will delivery in 3 work days (except oversea customers) after we confirm your payment. Please contact us if you need small rolls.


Products list

FEP film

NF-0012 : 12.5u / Width 1,150mm
NF-0012B1(Surface treatment) : 12.5u / Width 1,150mm
NF-0025 : 25u / Width 1,150mm
NF-0025B1(Surface treatment) : 25u / Width 1,150mm
NF-0050 : 50u / Width 1,150mm
NF-0050B1(Surface treatment) : 50u / Width 1,150mm
NF-0100 : 100u / Width 1,150mm
NF-0100B1(Surface treatment) : 100u / Width 1,150mm
NF-0250 : 250u / Width 1,250mm
NF-0500 : 500u / Width 1,250mm
NF-1000 : 1,000u / Width 1,200mm
NF-1500 : 1,500u / Width 1,250mm
NF-2400 : 2,400u / Width 1,250mm

PFA film

AF-0012 : 12.5u / Width 1,150mm
AF-0012B1(Surface treatment) : 12.5u / Width 1,150mm
AF-0025 : 25u / Width 1,150mm
AF-0025B1(Surface treatment) : 25u / Width 1,150mm
AF-0050 : 50u / Width 1,150mm
AF-0050B1(Surface treatment) : 50u / Width 1,150mm
AF-0100 : 100u / Width 1,150mm
AF-0100B1(Surface treatment) : 100u / Width 1,150mm
AF-0250 : 250u / Width 1,250mm
AF-0500 : 500u / Width 1,250mm
AF-1000 : 1,000u / Width 1,200mm
AF-1500 : 1,500u / Width 1,250mm
AF-2400 : 2,400u / Width 1,250mm

ETFE film

EF-0025 : 25u / Width 1,150mm
EF-0050 : 50u / Width 1,150mm
EF-0100 : 100u / Width 1,150mm
Reference PFA film Information (DAIKIN INDUSTRIES,LTD)

Category and strength of FLUORORESIN FILM

FLUORORESIN FILM is a state-of-the-art base-material with various excellent characteristics, such as commencing with non-stick, chemical resistance, optical transparency, weather resistance, fouling resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, non-flammable, electrical characteristics, etc.
Its unique capabilities, not found in other resins are utilized in increasingly diversified and sophisticated industries such as electronic, machine, automobile and semiconductor.

Category Exmples of uses/Forming method Strength
PFA fiim Corrosion-resistant lining, Airplane mould release, Printed-circuit board, Electret Capacitor Microphone. Excellent chemical resistance, able to keep strength and softness in a wide temperature range.
FEP fiim Excellent heat-resisting property, Chemical resistance, Non-adherenty, Non-inflammability, and Electrical properties.
ETFE fiim Mold releasing film, Front sheet of solar battery, Agricultural plastic sheet. Small specific gravity(1.75), good for construction film materials.
PCTFE fiim Chartula, Gas collection bag, Electroluminescence, Printed circuit board packing Excellent Dampproofness, Transparency, and Chemical resistance, Excellent chemical resistance at low temperature.


Melting point 305℃ 270℃ 260℃ 210℃
The highest temperature consecutive using 260℃ 200℃ 150℃ 120℃
Heat-resisting property
Chemical resistance
Mechanical strength
Weather resistance
Water-resistant contact angle 115° 114° 96° 83°
Water vapor barrier
(0.1mm thickness)
2g/m2・d 1g/m2・d 6g/m2・d 0.1g/m2・d
Flame retardance V-0 (UL-94 Flammability grade)

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