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A base that realizes small lot, multi-variety processing centering on film processing

Mito Process & Distribution Center

Mito Process & Distribution Center near the Mito Interchange on the Joban Expressway performs slitting of film and paper, and acts as a shipping agency that takes advantage of the inventory space function on the premises.

For small lots Prototype processing Mainly slit processing. Test processing can be done from a SINGLE WEB!
Small roll processing Available from 1m (Paper tube / Plastic tube). Fluorine, LCP liquid crystal polymer, etc.
Cutting A4, Round, Rectangular, etc. If you create a mold, you can freely design apron type within 400x550mm.
* In addition to general processing, we have a track record of supplying PET and non-woven cut products to Florists.
Rewind Can be played back by a rewinder
Supply It is possible to process paper tubes to the specified width and supply paper such as PET and PE.
Packing Shrink packing, Box packing, Simple PE packing, Export packing
Shipping Small lot to pallet, shipping by mail
Coating Ideal for companies that want to try materials. Click here for details
Export service agency After consultation
Stock keeping We will keep your inventory.
Processing results Non-woven fabric, Paper, Cover tape, AL / PET, Fluorine film, Various films
Machine Introduction Machine No.1 Machine No.2 Machine No.3 Machine No.5 Machine No.8
Roller surface length
1,020 1,250 1,550 650 1,500
Maximum web outer diameter
700 800 800 800 800
Winding core
3~6 3~6 3~6 3~6 3~6
Winding size (products)
330 580 400 400 700
Cutting method Shear cut / Razor cut Shear cut / Razor cut Shear cut Shear cut Shear cut
Winding method
Solid shaft
Moving blade : 10~
Fixed blade : 5~
Solid shaft : 10~
PX shaft : 55~
PX shaft : 75~ Fixed blade : 5~ Fixed blade : 5~
Product winding
Inner core
2inc, 3inc, 4inc
2inc, 3inc,
4inc, 5inc, 6inc
86mm, 110mm
3inc 2inc, 3inc 3inc
Maximum product winding width
1,000 1,230 1,530 540 1,450
Adhesive roller * *
Clean room class 10,000 * * *

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Recommended Products and Services

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