Handy torch type
fiber laser welder

PHYSICAL PHOTON Handy torch type fiber laser welder feature

  • High output 1500W as a handy torch (1000W, 500W selectable)
  • CW (continuous) mode or pulse modulation possible (~20kHz)
  • Wavling (beam swing mechanism) with adjustable rotation diameter size (soft adjustment)
  • A wire feeder is available as an option. Compatible with aluminum and SUS wire
  • Not only SUS / steel but also aluminum welding (tanning / filler) is available

Iron butt welding
(with filler)

Aluminum butt welding
(with filler)

Characteristic table

Item Specifications
Maximum output 1000W / 1500W
wavelength 1064nm
Oscillation mode Continuous wave method (pulse modulation is also possible)
Transfer fiber length 7m
Body weight / size 220kg / 630x880x1160mm
cooling method Rack built-in air-cooled chiller: body and laser head cooling
Power supply voltage / power consumption Single-phase 200V(50/60Hz) / ~6000W
Wobble function (beam swing) Variable speed and diameter(1-5mmφ)

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