Films & Sheets

We handle a large number of high-performance film and sheet products with functions such as adhesiveness, releasability, heat dependence, and heat shielding, and we also handle small-lot and small-lot sales. In addition to surface treatment such as coating and vapor deposition, and lamination processing through partnerships with domestic and overseas converter manufacturers, we are also working on the planning and development of completely new functional films.

Various films

PET film / PE film / PP film / Nylon film / Polyimide film / Polyamide film / A-PET / Laminated film / Charging tape / Anti-scattering film / Wrap tape / Carrier tape / Foam sheet

Electronic materials

We handle a wide variety of materials used in electronic components such as smartphones and personal computers, and we quickly deliver high-performance and low-cost materials not only from domestic manufacturers but also from overseas manufacturers through our overseas network. In addition, we demonstrate our strengths in quality and cost response, centered on ultra-precision and thin processing of electronic components, through slitting, press processing, and vacuum forming at processing bases in Japan and overseas.
We also sell the constituent materials of lithium-ion secondary batteries, such as positive and negative electrode materials, electrolytes, binders, and electrodes (copper and aluminum foils), as well as our original mini-coater (with heater and press) for electrode manufacturing tests and various manufacturing and testing equipment(See Machine & Equipment).


Release film / Fluorine film / CCL / Coverlay / Bonding sheet


Insulation sheet / Various shields / Silicon film / Thermal adhesive tape / Adhesive tape (Single side, Double side)

Wire related

Nonwoven fabric / Insulating paper / AL shield / Cu shield / Crepe paper / Polishing film / Polymer cross-linking agent / Curing agent / Heat shrinkable tube / Various laminate products / Various coated products / Various extruded products

Lithium-ion secondary battery materials

Positive electrode material (LMO, NCM, LFP, etc.) / Negative electrode material (LTO) / Positive / Negative Electrode material slurry / Water-based binder / Conductive additive / Positive & Negative Current collector

Prototype coating (small lot)

Apply adhesives, paints, active materials and other desired materials. Our laboratory coating machine (coater) is used for comparing various materials and checking the coating status.


Rails for switches and sensors / Bobbins / Vapor deposition tapes / Cover tapes / UV tapes for semiconductors / Glass cloths / Metal foils / Polycars / Acrylic plates / Laminate films / Vinyl insulated wires / Surface modifiers / Water-based degreasing cleaners / Heat dissipation sheets / Cutting / Punching / Slit processing / Environmental data measurement agency

Machinery & Equipment

We design, manufacture, and sell automated machines that are customized to meet the needs of our customers, in partnership with domestic and overseas machine and equipment manufacturers. In recent years, in particular, we have interviewed Japanese factories in Southeast Asia about their needs locally, and export sales of automatic machines that are inexpensively customized and manufactured in China are increasing, and we also provide after-sales follow-up locally.

Various battery material processing tools

KTCP-60, a micro shutter code press machine for LAB

Electrode evaluation equipment and inspection equipment

Other manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment

Resin & Elastomer

In addition to handling various resins and elastomer materials that are used as raw materials in products in a wide range of fields such as industrial products, daily necessities, and medical products, we also handle composite resins and compound products that have characteristics and performance that match the application and purpose. We are doing.


Pori vinyl chloride (PVC) / EVA / Polyethylene (PE) / Polypropylene (PP) / Polystyrene (PS) / Acrylic / ABS / AES resin / PET / PBT / Nylon (6, 66, 11, 12) / Polyacetal (POM) / Polycarbonate (PC) / Polyurethane (PU) / PPS / PES / Fluorine / PEEK / Liquid crystal polymer

Thermosetting plastic

Phenol resin / Epoxy resin / Melamine resin / Silicone resin / Unsaturated polyester resin / Diallyl phthalate resin / Polyimide resin

Various compounds

PVC compounds / Flame retardant compounds / Conductive compounds (EMI) / Coloring compounds / Various masterbatches

Resin for paint

Alkyd resin / Polyester resin / Epoxy resin / Vinyl chloride resin / Polyurethane resin / Acrylic silicon resin / Vinyl acetate emulsion / Acrylic emulsion / Acrylic urethane emulsion / Acrylic silicone emulsion / Fluororesin emulsion / Water soluble resin / Aqueous varnish / Oil varnish


Various elastomers / Optical lense production / Long glass fiber resin / Plant-derived plastics (biodegradable) / Polymer alloy resins / Nanocomposite resin

Functional agents & industrial chemicals, etc.

As functional agents, in addition to handling plasticizers that are blended to give flexibility to resins and stabilizers that are blended to suppress deterioration due to heat and light, we handle hydrocarbon-based cleaning agents, various solvents, and industrial We also handle alcohol products for alcoholic beverages.


DOP / DINP / DBP / DIDP / Epoxy plasticizer / Trimellitic plasticizer / Polyester plasticizer / Chlorinated paraffin

Stabilizer / Additive

Organotin stabilizers / Lead stabilizers / Metal soap stabilizers / Phenolic antioxidants / Sulfur antioxidants / Phosphorus antioxidants / UV absorbers / Hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) / Nonionic antistatic agents / Anionic antistatic agents / Agent Cationic antistatic agent / Bromine flame retardant / Phosphorous flame retardant / Chlorine flame retardant / Antimony flame retardant / Metal hydroxide flame retardant / Nitrogen compound flame retardant / Hydrocarbon lubricant / Fatty acid / higher alcohol lubricant / Aliphatic amide lubricant / Ester Base lubricant / Metal soap / Silane coupling agent / Drying / Adsorbent / Antibacterial / Antifungal agent


Urea resin / Melamine resin / Phenol resin / Resorcin resin / Alpha-olefin resin / Acrylic emulsion / Vinyl acetate / Chloroprene rubber / Nitrile rubber / SBR / Epoxy resin / Cyanoacrylate / Polyester / Polyurethane / Acrylic resin / Modified silicone / Hot melt type

Various Inorganic / Organic industrial chemicals

Industrial cleaner

Water / Hydrocarbon / Chlorine / Fluorine / Bromine / Alcohol

Solvent / Industrial Alcohol

Methanol / IPA / Butanol / Acetone / Toluene / Xylene / MEK / THF / Ethyl acetate

Food related

Baking powder / Gelling agent formulation / Alum / Fragrance

Various hygiene products (Face shield, Mask)

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