Reasons to be chosen

Providing plus α value
close to the interests of customers.

We are a specialized trading company that dealing with chemical products such as electronic materials and synthetic resins.
Not only purchasing and selling existing goods, we also co-develop products that meet customer needs and sell products processed by the processing center in-house.
We are doing business with more than 500 companies, main of which are major and represent Japan.
We also have expanded our business to three countries (five bases) overseas, and doing business with their overseas bases as well as domestic ones.


One-stop service at domestic and overseas bases
contributes to simplification of commercial distribution
and reduction of transportation costs for the customers.

With bases in Thailand / Vietnam / China, we handle processing, inventory, and sales by ourselves as needed in various area in Southeast Asia and China. In addition, Japanese stuffs are stationed at each base. Detailed sales follow-up provided by them and local stuffs has been highly evaluated by both Japanese and local companies.

Furthermore, since we regularly export products to each Asian base every month with full containers, we will contribute to the simplification of commercial distribution and reduction of export costs for our business partners.

Logistics simplification

Reduction of
transportation costs

Office Information


With the customer's point of view,
we support Small Lot Sales to meet clients needs,
not only propose a wide range of products.

We offer a wide range of products for a various business fields. Of course, if you tell us your needs, we will propose the best existing goods from each manufacturer, or we can jointly develop products to meet your needs, and also handle processing appropriately as needed.

We also support small lot sales such as resins and films in stock in the warehouse, which are usually difficult for manufacturers to handle. From domestic to overseas, we realize attentive and flexible service for you.

Image of small lot sales

We have our own factories and warehouses,
which enable us to process original roll of films and sell them in small lots.

Processing Service


As a trading company,
we have a 70-year history of creating new value,
not just "connecting".

In 2021, we celebrated the 70th anniversary of our founding. As a trading company specializing in chemicals, we have developed with the support of many business partners. We have been constantly changing to make our customers recognize us a functional trading company, rather than just a general wholesaler.

In the coming era, as supposing that we will be required to create even more beneficial value for our business partners, toward the realization of "value creation trading" we would like to contribute to the development of our business partners, industry, and society as a whole".

"Value Creation Trading"

We listen to the needs of local customers and provide suitable solutions. If requested,
we will start with product development.

70 years of History


We can meet the following needs.

  • 1.Those who want to sell the products in bulk quantities or in units of original roll.
  • 2.Those who looking for an export trading company that can process films and sell inventories.
  • 3.Those who looking for sales channels (development of new sales destinations) in China and Southeast Asia.
  • 4.Those who looking for a trading company that can support their sales in China and Southeast Asia.(Support for local inventory and for communication with Japanese and local staff while there are already sales destinations).
  • 5.Those who want to do business with local companies in China and Southeast Asia without taking risks of credit and foreign exchange.
  • 6.Those who want to expand their business into China and Southeast Asia, but lack funds and manpower.

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