Processing Service

Processing Service

We propose slit processing and prototype processing that meet the needs of our customers.

A wide variety of slit processing is required depending on the type, width, length, etc. of the application.
At Fujichemi Trading, we will propose the optimum slit processing method that meets the needs of our customers from our own factory.
Why don't you give shape to the thoughts of "Isn't it possible to do this?" And "I wish this happened!"

We also support narrow and long lengths.

The outer diameter of the product can be wound up to 600 to 700 mm, and the minimum cutting width can be from 5 mm.
In addition, slitting of adhesive tape is also possible in the cut-off process (push-cut process).
The product winding outer diameter can be up to 300mm, and the minimum cutting width is 3mm.
For details, see " Machine capability specifications " and " Cut-off processing (push-cut processing)".

Slit-processed products

Available range

For small lots Prototype processing Mainly slit processing. Test processing can be done from a SINGLE WEB!
Small roll processing Available from 1m (Paper tube / Plastic tube). Fluorine, LCP liquid crystal polymer, etc.
Cutting A4, Round, Rectangular, etc. If you create a mold, you can freely design apron type within 400x550mm.
* In addition to general processing, we have a track record of supplying PET and non-woven cut products to Florists.
Cut off / push off Adhesive tape etc. can be processed in the specified size
Rewind Can be played back by a rewinder
Supply It is possible to process paper tubes to the specified width and supply paper such as PET and PE.
Packing Shrink packing, Box packing, Simple PE packing, Export packing
Shipping Small lot to pallet, shipping by mail
Coating Ideal for companies that want to try materials.
Export/Import service agency After consultation
Stock keeping Keep your inventory.
Processing results Non-woven fabric, Paper, Cover tape, AL / PET, Fluorine film, Various films

Machine capability specifications

Machine Machine No.1 Machine No.2 Machine No.3 Machine No.5 Machine No.8
Roller surface length 1,100mm 1,300mm 1,600mm 650mm 1,500mm
Maximum web outer diameter 700mm 800mm 800mm 800mm 800mm
Winding core 3inc ~ 6inc 2inc ~ 6inc 3inc ~ 6inc 3inc 3inc
Width that can be set 50mm ~ 1,000mm 50mm ~ 1,250mm 600mm ~ 1,550mm Up to 540mm 1,450mm
Winding size (products) 330mm 600mm 400mm 400mm 700mm
Cutting material thickness 12μ ~ 200μ 12μ ~ 700μ 30μ ~ 150μ - -
Cutting method Shear cut
Razor cut
Shear cut
Razor cut
Shear cut Shear cut Razor cut
Winding method Solid shaft
Moving blade:10mm~
Fixed blade:5mm~
Solid shaft:10mm~
PX shaft:55mm~
PX shaft:100mm~ Fixed blade:
5.5mm, 5.7mm
9.5mm, 13.5mm
21.0mm, 21.5mm
Moving blade:5mm~
Product winding Inner core 1inc, 1.5inc
2inc, 3inc
2inc, 3inc
80mm, 86mm
4inc, 110mm
5inc, 6inc
3inc 2inc
Maximum product winding width 1,000mm 1,250mm 1,550mm 540mm 1,450mm
Adhesive roller * *
film slit * * * * *
Metal slit (AL / PET, etc.) * *
Non-woven slit * *
Clean room class 10,000 * * *

Cut-off processing
(push-cut processing)

Cut-off processing of adhesive tape (push-cut processing)

Appearance of equipment 1

Appearance of equipment 2

Processing example

Highly heat-resistant double-sided adhesive tape
(0.4mm thick with separator)
Minimum slit width: 3mm~

Fluorine film (from 12μm~)

Machine Introduction

Maximum roll set width 1,600mm
Raw fabric maximum outer diameter 150mm ~ 300mm
Core size 1inc, 35mm, 38mm, 2inc, 3inc, 77mm
Plastic core (PE core) can be cut
Cut width 1,300mm
Cutting width 3mm ~
Feed accuracy +-0.1mm

Various processing
prototype services

We propose processing technology and manufacturing methods at the development / prototyping stage.

We provide proposals for optimal punching and laminating processing and sample cutting according to the material characteristics, shape, and adhesive material used for multilayer films. It saves you a lot of trouble at the manufacturing site, such as supporting mass production after trial production. Please feel free to contact us, no matter how small your worries.

Overseas contract
processing service

We handle everything from processing to import and export.
Contributes to the simplification of commercial distribution.

We operate our own factories not only as a trading company but also in the suburbs of Bangkok, Thailand and Hanoi, Vietnam.
Currently, we manufacture films, tape slits, punching, transport trays, and electric wires. We are entrusted with precision hand processing such as static elimination brushes.

Please feel free to contact us if you are a company that is confident in its technology but has trouble expanding overseas, such as lack of factory management know-how overseas or no human resources who can work overseas.

Factory in Thailand

Factory in Thailand

Factory in Vietnam

Manufacture by commissioning in Thailand and Vietnam

We have our own slit equipment in Mito, Bangkok and Hanoi, and sell films / paper / non-woven fabrics in the size desired by local customers. In addition, we have inventories for each width locally as needed, and we also support quick delivery and import / export, which contributes to the simplification of the commercial distribution of our business partners.

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