(Adhesive Sheet /

"Eco-friendly thermoplastic adhesive sheet"
that does not use organic solvents
and does not require a drying pot

It is in the form of a sheet film, which melts when heated and adheres when the temperature drops.
Adhesion is possible by heat crimping with an iron, etc., and there is also the advantage of saving
the trouble of drying the solvent-based adhesive.

Do you have such a problem?

Odor generated
during bonding
and difficult to handle

that can be used
widely ...

the number of processes
in the factory!

With hot melt sheets,
no organic solvent is used
and the drying process is omitted!

Melt only the required amount and use it for immediate adhesion

Cut out as much hot melt sheet as you want to use, and apply heat to bond it immediately. You don't have to worry about dripping.

Melt only the required amount and use it for immediate adhesion

It can be die-cut according to the shape you want to bond, such as a star shape or a wavy shape.
At room temperature, it remains in the form of a sheet and does not change, making it easy to handle.

Example of using hot melt sheet

Food packaging material



Diapers and sanitary

clear case

Solar cell backsheet

Car mat

Straw attachment

PET bottle body wrap label


HOTMELT type Thickness micro Constitution Melting point Celsius Characteristic Substrate, Main application
Olefin 30~150 HOTMELT simple substance + Release sheet 66~150 Heat resistance, Low temperature adhesion PP, PE, other
Polyester 30~150 HOTMELT simple substance + Release sheet 105~126 High adhesion PET, Metal, other
30~ HOTMELT simple substance + Release sheet FFC reinforcing plate PET, Metal, Reinforcing plate
Urethane 30~150 HOTMELT simple substance + Release sheet 100~135
(Softening point)
Excellent elasticity Cloth, other
PVC 70~ HOTMELT simple substance + Release sheet 85~ Low cost Cloth, other
Multi-layer product Total thickness 100~ HOTMELT simple substance /
HOTMELT simple substance
HOTMELT SHEETs with different melting points For secondary battery tab lead
Composite Customer Made (Represen tative example : 25/27) Flame retardant HOTMELT / PET or Other film Flame retardant VTM0 equivalent with HOTMELT integrated with various materials FFC wire coating material, PET, Metal

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the main uses?


We have a wide range of products such as electronic parts, wire reinforcement plates, vehicles, marks, clothes, printed wiring, furniture materials, and building materials.


I'd like only a few A4 sheets on a trial basis ...


It is available. Please feel free to contact us.

Water-based Olefin adhesive (special adhesive)

  • Although it is an olefin type, it has good compatibility with metals, and when exposed to black light, the coated part can be visually confirmed!
  • It is used as a waterproof material for electronic parts, electric wires, and vehicles, and is recommended as a moisture-proof / waterproof material for joints between metal parts and olefin parts.

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