Lithium-Ion Battery

Information of Lithium-Ion Battery

Provide total solutions
related to the Lithium-Ion Battery

FUJI CHEMI TRADING CO., LTD. is a company that provides total solutions related to the Lithium-Ion Battery.
Not only to the sale of mere products and facilities, we also provide consulting services to consistently
support the manufacturing process and development.
We take a long‒term perspective with our customers, and we aim to build a good partnership
that can grow up with our customers.
We will take advantage of a variety of network and professional knowledge in the LIB industry,
continue to design and develop unique products and to seek the added value.

Handling Service

Tab lead

  • LIB-related material sales
  • Anode / Cathode active materials, Slurry, binder, Fluid sealants film, etc.

  • LIB evaluation equipment sale
  • From Coater, heater, press, laminator, until the proposed consistency line

  • LIB manufacturing process consultant services
  • Professional guidances and proposals by the original technical team of LIB manufacturer

  • LIB-related materials processing
  • Coating to the collector electrode separator, TAB bonding, punching, etc.

  • Development of LIB manufacturing process management software
Tab lead

Related materials of LIB - Main products

  • Anode active materials (LTO, hard cardon, others)
  • Cathode active materials (LFP, NCA, LMO, NMC, others)
  • Slurry of node active materials, cathode active materials
  • AL laminated film
  • Solvent-based binder
  • Conductive auxilary agent
  • TAB
  • Fluid sealants film
  • Current collector (AL foil, Copper foil)
  • Materials for LIB study
    (Cathode, Anode electrode roll, Sheet, Carbon code, Copper foil, AL foil, Jig for evaluation)
AL laminated film Anode active materials

Small lot sales of
Copper foil and Aluminum foil

Because usually the metal foil production lot of manufacturer is very big,
it is difficult to purchase the small lot of metal foil for evaluation, research and development use.
However, we sell metal foil by meters.
For purchasing, quotation and grade confirming, please contact us wiht following.


Electrolytic copper foil 20 micro m, Rolled copper foil 8 micro m, 20 micro m


Aluminum foil 10 micro m, 25 micro m


Small lot sales of Polyimide film

Coating Machine (Lab Coater)
Micro Shutter Coating Press Machine

  • Coating, drying, press in-line
  • Work reduction, seepd up, fix individual variation

  • Same level accuracy of production machine
  • Accuracy improvement of trial manufacture

  • Coating conditions checking by eyes is available
  • Easy to test coatings of trial manufacture

  • Work temperature profile confirming is available
  • Detailed conditions setting of trial manufacture is available

  • Options are available
  • Test production machine in advance
    Drying : Extreme infrared radiation, Hot air, Test of special drying
    Others : Automatic driving, Degital press pressure setting, Pressing

Specifications of KTCP-60 Specifications of KTCP-60
Width of electrode Standard 50mm + TAB(=/20mm)
Diameter of original roll MAX 150mm
Width of coating Standard 60mm
Length of dry line 500mm
Press linear load 0.5t/10mm (Constant pressure press)
Unwinding / Winding 3 inch core
Size L1800xW750xH1550(cm)
Weight(standard) 450kg
Viscosity range of slurry
(Expected values)

Information of
LIB manufacturing process and consulting services

consulting services

We make the best use of the network of LIB industry,
provide professional engineer and information.

    Consulting policy

  • Unite our team to meet customer's requests
  • Have awareness of issues with customers
  • Make solutions with customers
  • Recurrence prevention of problems
  • Standardization

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