Environment and friendly

Original products from Fuji Chemi Trading

Introducing environmentally friendly and easy-to-handle materials
that you can easily try according to your needs!

Exhibited at the GWPE2023!

Thermal insulation


Because it is a sheet, it can be installed
easily and suppresses the rise
in indoor temperature!

Easy to install!

By efficiently reflecting the heat (near-infrared rays) from the sun, it suppresses the increase in indoor temperature, which leads to power saving and energy saving, contributing to CO2 reduction.
In actual use, it has been confirmed that the surface temperature can be lowered by 10 to 15degrees and the indoor temperature by 2 to 3degrees.

Window glass,
Roll curtain

Rooftop, Veranda

Blinds in summer

Tarp, Tent

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Hot melt sheet

No drying oven required!
Can be used for food and easy to store and handle

No odor when gluing!

A sheet that can be cut as much as you want to use and then heated to adhere. It is easy to handle, does not contain organic solvents, and does not require a drying process, so it is environmentally friendly and saves energy.
If you want to try using a few A4 size sheets! Please feel free to contact us.

Food packaging




Slear case

Solar battery back

Auto mat

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New material


Reverts to its original shape when heated!
Can be used for various materials!

Small sales are also OK!

This is a new material that is temperature-dependent and becomes soft and easily deformable when heated. At first, it is stiff and stretches, but like felt, it gently returns to its original shape.
It can be gently fitted to the body by body temperature, which leads to reduction of waste by making it size-free.

Hats, Shoes, Bags, etc.




Golf grip


RFID tag belt

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Alternative paper

LIMEX processing

Made from limestone,
it is a natural and durable material.

Talk about unbreakable paper!

Limestone is the main raw material of LIMEX Sheet, which is an environmentally friendly material that can reduce the amount of petroleum-derived plastic used, and is attracting attention as an alternative material to plastic and paper.

Food container

Stationery, Toys, Household goods


Posters and printed matter

We are also able to offer some products in small lots and trials,
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