We will distribute a non-woven fabric kit for masks.

For those who make their own masks, we will distribute the non-woven fabric and rubber for masks that we own as follows. If you would like to distribute it, please feel free to contact us.

Non-woven kit for mask

  • Details: We cut the polyester non-woven fabric stored by us to A4 size. It will be distributed together with the rubber for the mask.
  • Price: 1 kit (100 non-woven fabrics, 20 rubber masks): 1,100 yen (including consumption tax and shipping)
  • Shipping method: Letter pack
  • Remarks: Payment can only be made by wire transfer (fee paid by the customer). If you wish to have multiple kits, the amount will be different, so please indicate so when making inquiries.
  • How to order: Please indicate "Request for purchase of non-woven fabric kit for mask" and the desired number of kits in the inquiry form of the inquiry form below. We will inform you how to make a return purchase by email. Please note that we do not accept orders over the phone.
How to make a non-woven fabric kit for masks

Inquiry form

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