We donated the face shield to the Chiyoda Ward Office.

Donated face shield

Donated face shield

On June 23, 2020, we donated 300 sets of face shields to the Chiyoda Ward Office. On the day of the event, we carried it into the disaster prevention storage warehouse in the ward office at the request of the Disaster Countermeasures and Crisis Management Division of the Policy Management Department.
I was relieved to hear from the person in charge that "I was really grateful to hear from you when I had to take an urgent response," and that it contributed to the community, albeit a little.
The face shield donated this time will be sequentially deployed to evacuation centers, branch offices, welfare centers, etc. in Chiyoda Ward, such as Kanda Sakura Kan, Municipal Sports Center, Bancho Elementary School, etc.

We will continue to promote the practice and establishment of "new lifestyles" in our daily lives by selling various hygiene products such as face shields.

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