The second face shield will be on sale.

2nd face shield Our original specifications

2nd face shield Our original specifications

We worked on the development of new specifications as the second face shield. We lay down a mold with our own design and use the die cutting machine of the Mito processing center to make a face shield. The regular price is 8,000 yen for 50 sheets (tax excluded / shipping included). In addition, we are also promoting the commercialization of characteristic materials (highly transparent film, low reflection film, etc.). Please feel free to contact us.


  • Since it is a lithographic specification, it does not take up space for storage.
  • Easy assembly specifications
  • Light (approx. 20g / sheet) because it is a film only
  • A feeling of size that can be used by women and children

Outline of specifications

  • Material: PET film (188 μm)
  • Dimensions (mm): W380 x H220
  • Producing area: Japan
How to assemble

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