Looking for monitors for the heat shield sheet "F+COOL".

Recently, TV reports have reported the importance of heat shielding as a countermeasure against extreme heat caused by global warming. This time, we have developed a heat shield sheet "F+COOL" that is effective as a countermeasure.
At the time of sales, we would like you to experience the performance of this seat, so we have decided to recruit monitors for the first few companies. If you would like to contact us, please fill in the following items and contact us from the inquiry form.
1.Company name
3.Person in charge
4.Contact information
5.Purpose of use
6.Verification location
8.Required quantity
*It is okay to estimate the required quantity, but we will provide products up to about 1m width x 10m length.

If the product is adopted as a monitor, we will provide the product free of charge, but we may ask you to take pictures or measure the temperature during the verification period.

Heat shield sheet F+COOL Use case

Heat shield sheet "F+COOL" Use case 1

Heat shield sheet F+COOL Use case

Heat shield sheet "F+COOL" Use case 2

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