HUMOFIT® was used in the "FASHION FRONTIER PROGRAM 2023" work.

HUMOFIT® was used in the work (costumes) of Maiko Ohno, a finalist of "FASHION FRONTIER PROGRAM 2023", an integrated awards and education program that expands the possibilities of fashion design.

raw -Questioning modern "raw" from the dissociation between the body and technology-

raw -Questioning modern

Photography by YASUNARI KIKUMA / Model by Rina Mizumura

As technology continues to develop and change at a dizzying pace, we are entering an era in which people are moving away from feeling and experiencing things with their own physical bodies.

"Technology is supposed to be close to people, but in reality, the body and technology are becoming more and more separated". I felt a sense of alienation and discomfort from my body, which led to my creation.

Now that there are no restrictions on the development of technology, I wonder if people will someday lose the sense of "I am living here and now".
How far do humans aim to develop?

In order to create a future where people and technology harmonize and coexist, he believed that it is important to "reaffirm your own rawness and live your life while feeling it".

This work was created from the moment when I felt the most raw, contemporary dance, which is my physical expression.

I actually used a software called Touch Designer to record a video of me dancing while expressing "raw", and I wanted to convert my raw and the reactions of those around me, as well as the trajectory of my inner raw, into data, a programmer at Touch Designer who is also a dancer, provided assistance.

The pattern is a combination of that data and an echo photograph of one's own fetus, the source of life, and was printed using Seiko Epson Corporation's Mona Lisa printer.

The material used is Mitsui Chemicals' new material [HUMOFIT®].
This material has the property of changing depending on the temperature of the human skin, making it a material that lives close to people.

The properties of HUMOFIT® go beyond conventional textiles, making them feel no sense of gravity, and we felt that the use of this material could open up possibilities for future clothing that will evolve in the future.

It is a participatory type of clothing that goes beyond clothing, where your raw material becomes a design and coexists with you.
The work has a pattern where the 3D pops out from the 2D.
The jacket is a large bag reminiscent of amniotic fluid, like being in the womb.
The heart-like shape also represents how the heart tightens, expands, and fluctuates in various ways.

Hoping for a "future where technology and the body coexist", we produced this work with the cooperation of creators.

Maiko Ono
/ A finalist of "FASHION FRONTIER PROGRAM 2023"

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